How To Start Eating Healthier as a Family

There are countless reasons families put off eating healthy...

  • It's expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Children won't eat it
  • Holidays are coming up
  • It's cold out
  • It's hot out
  • You hate grocery shopping

Whatever the reason is there is always going to be something or some reason to put it off.  The ONLY way to make a CHANGE is to START!

So here are some ideas of how to get motivated to make the change, not just for you, but for your family.

  1. Talk about it as a family.  Decide as a family that you are going to make time to cook and eat dinner together.  Talk about the reasons why you want to make this change.
  2. Make it FUN!  Maybe even make it into a competitive game, where whoever finds the healthiest recipe that week the other people have to make it.
  3. Decide where you are in your healthy journey.  Are you starting from scratch (eating McDonalds every week) or have maybe you have already incorporated whole foods into your diet and you are looking to try more plant based foods.  Wherever you are understand that this is a process and it takes time, learning, and dedication.
  4. Try going to the grocery store and only shopping around the outside isles.  Typically that is where the fruits, veggies, and proteins are.  In the center isle's are where you will find the processed foods.  Tip: If you are only shopping around the outer part you won't be as tempted to purchase the unhealthy food.
  5.  Involve your kids in cooking!  There are all ways to foster kids involvement in eating healthy, making fun designs with the food, letting them choose the food from the store, and teaching them how to cook.  The more they know about where the food comes from and how to prepare it the more likely they will eat it!
  6. MEAL PREP!!!  One of the best things I have ever decided to do in my healthy journey was to take some time on Sundays and meal prep.  With all of our hectic schedules and lives it can be challenging to find time during the week to cook meals.  So planning ahead can save a ton of time in the future.  *Be on the lookout for meal prep tips on Sunday's and starting soon on our Youtube channel @ThinkHappyLive Healthy you can follow me as I meal prep!

Comment below on what helped you get motivated to start eating healthier.


3 thoughts on “How To Start Eating Healthier as a Family”

  1. I had fallen into bad eating behaviors since college because food was convenient, affordable and tasted good. Then I realized I couldn’t lose weight, and I was always tired with minimal energy. We started with Hello Fresh which had fresh foods and recipes delivered to our door. Sure it was a little pricy at first but it made us realize that delicious meals did not have to be complicated. Actually there were less ingredients in each recipe, but they were whole foods and fresh ingredients. Learning how to prepare these different options also taught us about portion control, which is definitely an issue for us. We no longer subscribe to the Hello Fresh, instead we have adopted their recipes and added our own twist to them–and it has made cooking fun! We have learned some of the basics of good cooking, the importance of using fresh produce and meats, and how accomplished you feel after you prepared a meal for your family. Thanks for being a constant inspiration Think Happy Live Healthy—we love following your blog!

    1. Thank you Megan!! I totally agree there are great food delivery services out there to fit all lifestyles, but I love customizing my own meals. It’s my time to let the creativity flow.

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