Think Happy Live Healthy is now offering tutoring, executive functioning coaching, and yoga/mindfulness training.  Our specialists come to your home for convenience and ease of scheduling.  Please reach out for more information.


 Specialized Tutor and Mindfulness Coach


Holly Martinson, M.Ed., RYT-200

Holly Martinson has over 18 years of experience in the field of education. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from George Washington University and her M.Ed. from George Mason University, including additional endorsements in Early Childhood Education, Special Education and English as a Second Language. Holly has always worked with students in special education in some capacity during her career as an educator. In her previous roles through Fairfax County Public Schools, Holly helped to implement Response to Intervention programs, and has a strong understanding of the varying levels of support students can need.


Holly takes multiple approaches to working with students knowing that they are most successful when provided with alternative ways of learning. She takes a Multisensory approach to teaching Math (based on Orton Gillingham Techniques as recommended by the NCTM), and an active and hands-on learning approach with other subjects as well. If needed, Holly also provides support for Executive Functioning skills. In addition to finding creative ways to provide academic intervention and support, Holly teaches students skills for greater self & emotion regulation and building resilience through Mindfulness practices, breathings strategies and movement. It is very important to Holly to collaborate with parents, teachers, and specialists to identify student needs and set goals. Holly works mainly with elementary age students and takes a particular interest in working with students who benefit from strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.


Holly is a trauma informed Yoga Instructor with her RYT-200. She has studied extensively with Mindful Schools and with YoKid to teach Yoga and Mindfulness to children and teens. She currently teaches adults at various community settings and conducts special classes in area schools and with Think Happy Live Healthy for children and teens, and is Adjunct Faculty at Marymount University.


Outside of work, Holly enjoys being in the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, or reading a good book under a tree. She loves teaching and taking yoga classes.




Stretch Out the Stress

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Instructed By:

Holly Martinson, M.Ed., RYT-200

Certified Yoga Instructor

 Is your child feeling anxious, stressed, or having difficulty staying focused?

Christine Willing, M.Ed., NCSP, Licensed School Psychologist and founder of Think Happy Live Healthy, has partnered with Holly Martinson, M.Ed., RYT-200 to develop a yoga program that consists of a small 6-student class that will teach the fundamentals of developing a healthy mind-body connection. Children will learn how to bring awareness to their bodies through mindfulness techniques and how to calm their minds through breathing exercises and yoga.

Yoga and mindfulness training can help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, enhance sleep quality, and improve self-esteem.

At Think Happy Live Healthy, we want to empower children to develop these skills that will help them lead healthier and happier lives.

Important Information:

  • 6 week course
  • All levels of yoga experience are welcome, including those who have never taken yoga before
  • Cost is $200 for the six week program
  • Address: 254 (Rear Entrance) N Washington St. Falls Church, VA 22046

Email to reserve your spot today!

Space is limited.

Holly Martinson, MEd., RYT-200 has over 18 years of experience in the field of education. She is a yoga instructor with her RYT-200, is trained in trauma-informed yoga, and is additionally trained through YoKid to teach yoga and mindfulness to children and teens. Holly has a warm, down-to-earth and compassionate approach that is evident as she works with children to teach them important lifelong skills.

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